Pulse Disc by Brinefly Innovations

Fly Fishing’s Answer to Articulating a Fly

Jul 1, 2015

We're Discontinuing Snaps

Effective immediately we will no longer be carrying the discs with snaps due to the increased costs for tooling. However, if you fish for toothy critters, in place of the snaps with wire bite guard you can use American fishing wire Surflon Micro Supreme (knottable wire leader) in the smaller (20# & 26#) test. Tied on the same way you tie your Mono.

For Tarpon or Musky

If you use heavy tippet—such as 50-80# fluorocarbon for your bite guard—the larger discs (3/4 size and larger) will work. The problem is heavy Mono does not want to go around the hook eye tightly enough to align with the holes in the discs.

The solution is to run the line through a small tube. This compresses the loops together enough to allow them to line up with the holes in the discs. You may have to open the holes slightly with a bodkin or fish hook to accommodate the larger mono. This will insure the oscillation (see attached photo).

If you are interested in this process. mention that you would like to use 1/8" tubing when placing your order and we will include some. Feel free to contact us. We are open to any questions and or feedback.

Thank you,

Jim Matson
Brinefly Innovations